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A Single Excellent Night

There is a lovely sutta (discourse) in the Majjhima Niaya called “A Single Excellent Night”. In it, the Buddha offers these verses: Let not a person revive the past Or on the future build his hopes; For the past has … Continue reading

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The Diamonds Under the Coal

I often encourage serious students of the Dhamma to read the Buddha’s discourses. This can be something of a hard sell. The language is repetitive, the cultural references are – of course – 2400 years out of date, and the concepts … Continue reading

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Oh, Those Unruly Monks! (Part 1)

There are many remarkable stories in the Pali canon. One of my favorites is the Upakkilesa Sutta. “Upakkilesa” translates to “imperfections”. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t sound like a page-turner. But bear with me. This discourse has several sections. I won’t … Continue reading

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